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Dust Suppressant Solutions...

Five Distinct Dustbuster Formulations to provide you with total control of any dust problems:

DUSTBUSTER 1 - Haul Road Dust Control:

A formulation developed for use on haul roads of every description.

Keeps the ground wet for longer, at least twice as long, reducing operational costs considerably.

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DUSTBUSTER 2 - Dust & Erosion Control:

Specifically designed to provide long or short term dust control on stockpiles, landfill and construction sites.

The product is environmentally safe, is non-toxic - therefore will not cause contamination.

Dustbuster 2 provides powerful, effective control of dust and erosion. It can be used for soil stablisation and hydroseeding.

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DUSTBUSTER 3 - Medium Term Dust Suppressant:

Formulated to provide medium term control on haul roads, yard areas and outdoor exhibitions.

Areas treated remain damp from weeks to months.

Ideal when water is at a premium or water trucks / bowsers are not available.

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DUSTBUSTER 4 - Dust Control For Conveyors:

Dustbuster 4 is a dust suppression additive suitable for conveyors, crushers, transfer points and other critical locations.

Dustbuster 4 is a biodegradable non hazardous surfactant developed specifically for material handling locations.

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DUSTBUSTER 5 - Dust Control For Roadways, Construction Sites, Steel Works and Buildings:

A new modern safe product designed for use on roadways, construction and building sites, steel works, inside and outside buildings.

It is clean, pure, non-toxic, odourless, colourless and environmentally friendly. The product provides dust control and surface stabilisation at the same time.

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All our dust control products are manufactured to ISO 9001.

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