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Medium Term Dust Suppressant...

Dustbuster 3 provides dust control from several weeks to several months from just one application.

Dustbuster 3 continuously absorbs moisture from the air and locks it into the dust surfaces, thereby suppressing the dust. The result is a hard packed dust free unpaved road. The products hygroscopic and deliquescent and has the ability to stay as a liquid at high temperatures. Unlike water, it will not evaporate.

Dustbuster 3 can be applied using a conventional water truck or in a solid form by a common grit spreader.

Dustbuster 3 is used where thick dust occurs in steel works, coal mines or quarries. It is also a valuable alternative to continuously using water bowers or water trucks at outdoor exhibitions or sporting events.

Dustbuster 3 will withstand heavy traffic and can be used on sites where tracked vehicles operate. It penetrates the road bed and does not track off.

Dustbuster 3 is manufactured to ISO 9001.

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